The Cooperative helps it’s member organizations achieve their goals, primarily through bulk purchasing arrangements. The co-op also provides management, oversight and continuity services for those members that elect to use them. Often the house board members are in other states and can not look in on their houses in Madison as often as they would like to. The co-op can help in that regard at a fraction of the cost of a property management company. The co-op has other programs as well that simplify and reduce the cost of operating members houses.



Any non-profit organization drawing its membership from the University of Wisconsin’s students, staff, or faculty can be a member of UPMC. Click here to find out more about how to join UPMC.



While there is a one time $20 membership application fee, in general, it pays to be a member rather than costs. Other than the application fee, there are no other membership costs. All expenses of the co-op are paid out of the discounts that the co-op negotiates with Vendors. There are two kinds of discounts available to members. The first is a trade discount that you see immediately on your invoices. The second discount is a financial discount that is deducted from the vendor’s invoice when we pay it on time. The co-op pays its operating expenses out of these discounts and returns the excess to members at the end of the year in the form of dividends.